Welcome to Inspiring Beauty:  radiate your inner beauty  outward! 

Place of Wellness at #2 San Rafael!


Hello, and thank you for joining us!  We are proud to offer a variety of services which allows oneself to feel more centered, present and relaxed.  From hypnotherapy, pampering facials, and Reiki we strive to create a beautiful space and environment for a calm, peaceful setting.  We now offer inspirational movie night as well.

Where do you refuel yourself?  Maybe sitting under a tree, or in a bubble bath, or maybe taking a hike in fresh air.

Inspiring Beauty is a place to be inspired --  to feel the cells in your body being refueled and revitalized.  Often we find ourselves in a whirlwind of obligations, yet we forget the most important one -- nurturing ourselves.  With pampering ourselves, we are then able to be 100% available for another and allow our inner beauty to radiate outward.  When mind, body and spirit are balanced, the true light within is able to shine brightly.  So please come and enjoy the relaxation process and allow your inner self to shine its beauty!!

Planning a reunion, group or gathering?  We now offer a space to hold your gathering. 


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